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CrowdFlower tasks are very easy and simple things to do to earn even more money. Most of these tasks don’t take long at all to complete, and some you can keep repeating until they run out of work for you to do.

You can access CrowdFlower Task Wall by clicking the web link provided by the website you are on.

Go through each task carefully and slowly. The fist time you do these they will seem slow and bulky and not worth it, but as you do them more often you will get faster at them, and will be able to breeze through them.


Many of the tasks that are listed on the CrowdFlower Wall are considered to be “Mini Jobs. These mini jobs are usually very simple internet searches. They will ask you to go to a search engine, (usually Google) and enter a search term. After the term has been entered, the task will ask you to look for a specific result within the returned results. There are usually only about 4 or 5 questions to answer. Answer the questions and click grey verify button, then if you entered the correct “code”, you can then click the blue “Submit” button.

Mini jobs cannot be completed more than one time. This means that some will let you do them once every 24 hours, some are bi-weekly, and some are even once a month. Mini jobs have no accuracy questions, I’ll get into accuracy in the next section.

“Casino” tasks are nicknamed this because they often have you looking for information on casino based websites. These tasks are released every day at a specific time, and they are pretty high paying. They are released in limited quantities, so you have to be quick to get into them.

“Casino” tasks are very similar to mini jobs, but without the “verify” button. Instead, there is a box that needs to be checked in order to verify you visited the right website. If a red box pops up and say “You need to visit the site by searching”, you haven’t visit the right website. It will go away when you have visited the right website and you can click the blue “Submit” button.

Sometimes even when you visit the right website, the red box will appear. Just go back to the search results and re-click the website you are supposed to visit. This usually does the trick, but you may have to do it several times to get it to take (it’s rare).

There are many other types of tasks that are offered, and each different task is usually a different job. These could be anything from listening to sound files, writing questions, answering questions, saying if questions are good or bad … the list is endless.

Read the instructions of the task carefully and thoroughly. This helps you familiarize yourself with what the task is asking you to do, and will help you maintain an good accuracy in order to keep working on the task.

Many of these other types of jobs will have what is called Quiz Mode. This is a basically a way for you to learn how to do the task, and to find out if you were paying attention to the instructions of the task.

During Quiz Mode there are “test” questions scattered throughout. These are correct answers to a set of questions. Your answers will be checked against them. If you get the right answers, you will move out of training mode and be able to continue on with the task.

If you get too many wrong answers during training mode, you will get kicked off the task and no be able to do it any more.

Most tasks have an accuracy threshold. This means that you have to stay above a certain accuracy percentage to continue on with the task. Drop below that threshold and you get kicked off the task and can do no more. This threshold varies per task, but is usually between 70% to 80%. Drop below that and your are done.

Your accuracy is calculated by your answers against the known, or correct, answers. The more questions you get right the higher your accuracy. Accuracy can bee seen within the task interface in the upper left hand corner, and will look like this:
CrowdFlower Accuracy

Keeping a higher accuracy also helps in getting better paying jobs. There are certain jobs available only to those who have taken skills tests (based on their OVERALL accuracy on all jobs ever done), and by passing these skills test, higher paying jobs will be available for you.

There may be times when you run across an answer in a task that you know is correct but it tells you that it is incorrect. CrowdFlower tasks are written and created by real people, so there are bound to be some errors here and there. However, these issues may effect your accuracy and get you kicked out of a task.

There are a few things that you can do to show that there is a mistake. When you have a wrong answer, you be notified by a screen that says in a yellow box “Some of your answered were not expected”. This page will show you what you chose as an answer and why it was supposedly marked “wrong”.

On the screen that shows you the “wrong” there will be an option to dispute the flagged answer and explain why you think your answer is correct.

Click the circle next to the “This question is unfair or incorrect!” and use the text box to provide the reasons why you feel your answer was correct. Give as much detail as possible, and cite examples if it is an issue such as an answer being marked as a good answer if it contains plagiarized content. Once you have done this, click the blue “continue” button to continue on with the task. You can either enter a new reason why you believe your answer is correct or you can now upvote another tasker's previous complaint.

The second way to report a problem with a task is to report it to the CrowdFlower forum. You can access this forum by clicking on the “HELP” link within the task interface. A menu will pop out and then you need to click on “File a Ticket”. Via this ticket you can report any problems with the task.

When reporting problems, take screen shots. Give as much detail as possible.

BE POLITE! Snootiness and rudeness will get you NOWHERE.

Have some patience. There is a HUGE log of problems from THOUSANDS of contributors being reported every day, and these things take time to get to the bottom of.

Wrong answers, glitches, cheating, and any other shady activity found within a task should be reported.

Having access to and being able to complete CrowdFlower tasks is not a right, it’s a privilege. CrowdFlower takes it VERY seriously when it is found out that people are cheating on tasks in order to get paid. If you get caught cheating or manipulating tasks in any way, you WILL be banned from completing tasks, FOREVER.

DO NOT use any kind of bot or automated device to complete tasks. You WILL be found out and you WILL be banned from completing ANY AND ALL tasks ANYWERE. You will more than likely be banned from the site or sites you were able to access the tasks on as well.

DO NOT cheat by copying and pasting parts of the task instructions, rules, random internet searches, etc. This is FRAUD according to CrowdFlower and you WILL BE BANNED. BANS ARE NOT LIFTED once they are set in place.

ADMINS AND SITE OWNERS CANNOT RESTORE YOUR ACCOUNT, so please don’t send trouble tickets or ask them to restore your account. They have absolutely no control over users being banned. This decision was made by the CrowdFlower quality controls. The only way to get help with this issue to start a topic in the CrowdFlower forum. Again, DO NOT create multiple posts about this issue.

1. How much money can I earn doing CrowdFlower tasks?

Each task you do will be worth a different value. The easier the task the lower the value. The harder the task, the larger the value. The more tasks you complete and the higher your overall accuracy stays, the more work you can do. The amount you earn is up to you!

2. Can tasks be completed multiple times?

Yes. Tasks may be completed multiple times. Most times, tasks can be completed until you get a message that says either “No more work! You have completed all the work we have for you on this particular job.” OR “Thank you for all your hard work!”. The exception to this is the mini jobs.

3. Why are there few or no tasks available for me? Why can someone do a task I can’t?

There are three types of classifications for tasks, “Global” , “Country Specific“, “Geo- specific”. Global tasks are available for anyone who has access to a CrowdFlower task wall. Country specific tasks are only for those who live in a specific country. Geo-specific tasks are set to only be completed by people from a certain geographic area and targeted to a certain demographic. Some countries have very few tasks for them.

4. Why do I have a different Contributor ID than the last time I reported a problem?

Each site you complete tasks on [censored]ign you a new Contributor ID. You can have multiple Contributor ID’s, but keep in mind that some tasks will track by your IP address, and there is a max limit on the amount of tasks that can be done PER IP ADDRESS. The maximum number if Contributor ID's supported is 10.

5. Why did I not receive credit for a completed task?

Sometimes there are glitches in the software that the CrowdFlower tasks use and the software that a website uses. If this happens, please contact the Admin of the site first to see if it something they can see is wrong. If that doesn't get anywhere, go to the CrowdFlower forum and report any missing payments.

There are a lot of die-hard taskers out there. Don’t ever hesitate to ask a question in a shout box if you don’t understand something within a task, or if you run across something you are not sure of. Chances are someone one the site you are doing task may have run up against the same issue and may have some insight. Group efforts result in some fun and interesting shout box conversations.

Have fun with the tasks, and GOOD LUCK!

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