Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I Join?

Earn Doing is open for everyone to join all we request is that you are over 13 years of age.

2) Can I really make money for free?

Earn Doing allows you to earn money for free by completing tasks, surveys, watching videos, listening to the radio and loads more all 100% Free.

3) What does Earn Doing offer its members?

Earn Doing offers the following:

- PTC Section

- CPA Section including Daily Surveys

- CrowdFlower - We pay the same or more than most sites

- Offer Walls including Matomy Money,, Adwork Media, PTC Wall, Virool, Offerwall Ads & More


1) How many accounts can I have?

Earn Doing only allows one account per household

2) What are Points?

Points are Earn Doing's virtual currency and can be exchanged for cash on the site at the following rate: 1 Point = $0.001

3) What is Points Locking?

Any offers or surveys completed over 2500 points are credited but marked as locked for 30 days. During this locked period you will be unable to withdraw the amount credited.

4) How do I transfer points to cash?

To transfer points to cash click here



1) How do I withdraw?

Once you have reached $1.00 you may request your earnings to be paid to your PayPal account by clicking here

You may also request a Gift Card by clicking here

2) How long does it take for me to receive my payment?

All withdrawal requests are usually processed manually within 24 hours of your request. however can take up to 7 days in some instances. Our admins usually process payments at around 16:00 server time

3) Why is there a 2% fee on PayPal Payments?

Earn Doing does not pay any fees associated with the payment method  you choose to withdraw your funds. The cheapest way to send PayPal payments is through PayPals Mass Payment feature which charges a 2% fee which must be paid before the payment is sent. We deduct this fee when you request a payment and you pay no fees to PayPal when you receive it.


1) What referral commission do you offer?

Earn Doing offers 10% on all referral earnings.

Due to constraints on the script we use, Earn Doing is unable to pay referral earnings on any offers worth less then $0.001 or 10 points

2) How many referral levels are there?

Earn Doing currently offers Level 1 Referral Earnings.

Rented Referrals

1) What are rented referrals?

Earn Doing allows you to rent referrals for a period of 30 days for a small monthly fee. The referrals are assigned to you randomly from those who currently do not have a upline.

2) Who can be rented?

Rented Referrals are always real people who have clicked a PTC Ad in the last 10 days on the site.

3) Can rented referrals be bots?

No. We never use bots as rented referrals

4) How much do rented referrals cost?

Rented Referrals cost $0.25 for every 30 days

5) How much does it cost to recycle a referral?

It currently costs $0.10 to recycle a referral

6) Why are there no referrals to rent?

Earn Doing only rents out real people who signed up to the site without a referee. The referral must have also clicked a PTC Ad in the last 10 days. Due to this there are a limited number of referrals we have on the site at one time

Weekly Contests

1) What contests are there?

Earn Doing currently runs 3 contests every week which are:

- Most Direct Referrals

- Most Offer Wall Credits

- Most CPA Offer Credits

2) How do I take part in a contest?

You will be automatically entered into any contests you qualify for.

3) When do the contests start and end?

Contests start at 00:00 ST on a Monday and end at 23:59 ST on a Sunday.

4) How do I view my current contest stats and prizes?

To view your current stats click here

Video Loyalty

1) Why doesn't Video Loyalty work in Chrome

If you use Chrome by default videos will not play and you will no earn any money. To fix this follow the steps below:

1) In the address bar type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy

2) Change the Autoplay policy to No User Gesture is Required

3) Close the tab and try earning again

If you need any help with this please let one of our team know