$10.00 Daily Limit on Withdrawals 10/13/2020 6:33:09 AM



Due to a massive spike in growth, we have decided to put a daily withdrawal limit of $10.00 a day per user on Earn Doing. We want to ensure that we can continue paying members every day for the rest of the month without running out of funds.


We have been running Earn Doing for seven years, and we have always paid our members. Your earnings are safe, and we will still be processing payments. We encourage you to keep earning as much as you want on the site, as that will help us lift the restrictions quicker.


We also pride ourselves as being as transparent and open as we can to you our members. I want to explain how Earn Doing operates and why we believe we need to make this change.


Our partners pay us on a net 30 basis, for earnings in September we get paid on the 1st November. We pay 70% of everything we make to you the user, 7% to your referral and then use the remaining 23% to run the site and grow. Due to the delay, we can only support a certain amount of growth per month, which is around 20%. When we have several months in a row above that, we end up in a situation where we are paying out more than we get in, and need to either look at delaying payments or adding restrictions like this one, when we wait for payments from advertisers to catch up.


We believe this is a fair measure and will be reviewing it daily. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Thomas Billington

Earn Doing Admin