Lower PayPal Fees 6/2/2018 7:58:38 AM

Hi Everyone,

We at Earn Doing believe getting payments from us should be quick and as cheap as possible and we will be making a range of updates to our payment methods and processes over the course of June.

Today our focus is on reducing fees on PayPal payments, we have just been given access to a new payment system from PayPal which will reduce the fees you are paying for withdrawals.

Under our old system we sent payments one by one as a goods or services payment which had a $0.30 transaction fee and then an additional 2.9% fee added to it.

Under the new system we will deduct a 2% processing fee when you request a withdrawal and you will pay no other fees for receiving the payment.

Here are some examples of the new and old fee amounts:

Amount - Old Fee - New Fee
$1.00 - $0.33 (33%) - $0.02 (2%)
$2.50 - $0.37 (14.8%) - $0.05 (2%)
$10.00 - $0.59 (5.9%) - $0.20 (2%)
$50.00 - $1.75 (3.5%) - $1.00(2%)

Whats next?

- We will be adding a new verification system where you will need to verify certain personal information before you can withdraw. 
- We will be looking at turning on instant PayPal payments (if we get PayPal to allow us to)
- We are looking at improving our gift card rewards and are in the process of accessing multiple providers which will allow us to do this

Thanks for reading and we look forward to making Earn Doing even better

Have a great day,
Earn Doing Admin Team